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Find Your Glow


Barre HIIT

A Glow fave.1 hour low-weight, high repetition full body workout with a mix of cardio and strength. Get ready to sweat from head to toe for a full 60 minutes! This is an advanced class with modifications given throughout.

Arms & Abs

Just as it sounds, a 45-minute strengthening workout focusing on arms and abs. We use light weights and long reps to target muscular endurance for lean arms and stability with killer core series' in between. 


Ass & Abs

Each instructor has a different take on this class, but with the same motive: growing your booty and burning the abs. A class mixing powerful lower body movements to isolate the glutes with ab burning intervals in between. Sounds like the perfect mix to me!

Full Body Barre

The barre class everybody needs! A 45-min low-weight, high repetition class with cardio bursts in between. A deep burn from head to toe. Lower-impact options given throughout.


Cardio & Core

The most fun you will have doing cardio. 

3 cardio circuits, 2 core circuits in 35 sweaty minutes. Followed by a quick stretch and cool-down for the perfect finish.

Lower Body Burn

A barre style class focusing on a total lower body burn-out. Think pulses, sliders and a glute bridges. One cardio series in between to spike the heart rate up. 


Vinyasa Flow

Come ready to move and flow to music in a 50-minute vinyasa practice. Level up to challenge your body while linking your breath together with creative sequences.

HardCore Pilates

This 35-min sweat mixes low impact pilates with high energy cardio intervals. Expect the lengthening and strengthening of traditional pilates with an added calorie burn that will challenge your flexibility, strength and stamina. 

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